Truly Yours.

Ode to Authenticity

Paris, London, New York... yet Mrs. Highbrow comes from Amsterdam, that rebellious little city on the banks of the Amstel River. With so much freedom running through its veins that it bursts at the seams with creativity. Here, we’re just as likely to run a red light as to drive sedately through a green one. It’s therefore no surprise that Mrs. Highbrow hails from Amsterdam, or that beautiful things happen at our Brow Bar on Van Woustraat. In the rather earthy surroundings of Van Wou with its squeaky trams and sirens – a spot where you wouldn’t expect to find a beauty parlour at all – Ska has created a haven that has brought forth thousands of beauties (and twice as many eyebrows!). This is the place where we create and test our make-up, tools and tips, and subject them to numerous critical gazes for approval. Here too, we have trained many specialists and helped others to advance in their enterprises. Our brand did not spring fully formed from the drawing board; instead, it was born from professional practice, and you can feel the difference. We are the real thing, we are Amsterdam, and we are for the women all over the world who want to be the real thing too.

Our make-up withstands all weathers. Mrs. Highbrow has tested it on the bikes in pouring rain with umbrella aloft, looking up at the sky with a smile, and with a jaunty set of her eyebrows that promises fine weather ahead. Off to the office in the Zuidas, with chin up and wearing no-nonsense make-up that highlights her strongest points. Or, in the early morning at first light, charmingly stumbling across the NieuweZijds, her head still in fuzzy clouds with memories of dancing the night  away. And then that last admiring glance in the mirror as she owns the day ahead with her trademark secret smile.  

Mrs. Highbrow is there for you, and belongs to you. Mrs. Highbrow. Truly yours. 

About The Founder

Mrs.Highbrow was founded by Ska van Buren. She worked as a beauty editor for magazines such as Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. But instead of wanting to write about fashion and beauty, her hands itched to tackle eyebrows. She had noticed what a couple of good brows can do for your looks, while so far they had received little attention. She did an education for pmu and decided to focus only on eyebrows. And that caught on. Soon clients from all over the Netherlands, and beyond, were able to find the salon. A new branch was born.

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