Studio Botanic Eye Cream

Studio Botanic Eye Cream

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Regenerates and smoothes the sensitive skin around your eyes. At the same time, it provides intensive moisture. Small wrinkles can be reduced and the skin looks awake and taut. At the same time, the brightening effect of the cream removes shadows under the eyes and ensures radiant skin. When used, it retracts well and is only slightly greasy.

  • 15 ml

This is made possible by the special formulation of high-quality pomegranate seed oil, cucumber extract and rose hip seed oil, which provides your eye area with many valuable ingredients.

In addition, the vegan waxes protect your skin from drying out and protect it from harmful environmental influences. This prevents premature skin aging and your skin looks youthful and fresh for longer.

To prevent your eyes from being unnecessarily irritated, the STUDIO BOTANIC EYE CREAM has neither been perfumed nor scented with essential oils. Only the rose wax it contains gives it a very subtle, slightly flowery-sweet fragrance that disappears quickly due to its natural composition.

Regenerating care that provides moisture and is quickly absorbed.

Pomegranate seed oil, rose hip seed oil, cucumber extract, pineapple extract, magnolia extract, vegan glycerin, vegan hyaluronic acid, vegan waxes, olive o
You can apply our STUDIO BOTANIC EYE CREAM to the entire eye area in the morning, in the evening and in between. Whenever you feel like the skin around your eyes could use a little care. It works best if you apply a small amount to the cleansed area around the eyes and gently pat in the cream and then apply cream. Please do not store in an overheated place and note that the natural ingredients are most productive within 6 months after opening. Tip: Due to its good absorption behavior, the STUDIO BOTANIC EYE CREAM is also very suitable as a basis for your daily make-up of the eye area.