The Best BrowBosses And Specialists


Nothing makes us happier than seeing other specialists continue what we've helped started. We have carefully curated the SELECTED BY Mrs.Highbrow list of specialists in the Netherlands. This list is ever-growing as we continue to add more stylists. 

Curious about this list?
Drop us an email at of reach out to +3120 362 06 89

We count ourselves lucky and rich with all the memories we were allowed to make in the past 10 years. We are grateful for all the people, all the love and the unforgettable experiences. From national television to fabulous newspapers and magazines. Mrs.Highbrow has been quite the phenomenon. With this in our backpack we carry on the journey. Online.  

But where one door closes another one opens... We're proud to welcome you to our online store. We will empower and guide you to do your own brows. With the best products and tools imaginable. Topped off with our best advice and knowledgeable service. That puts you in the driver’s seat, but you are not alone; we are always in the seat next to you to give you all the tips & tricks our experience have to offer.

Thank you all. Thank you for the trust. For the amazing conversations. For the 'gezelligheid'. Without you we wouldn't have made it this far. It's time for us to push through. It's all sails ahead for our Wholesale Shop, Mrs.Highbrow Professional. And our brand new Mrs.Highbrow At Home webstore. Nothing beats a brow treatment by an experienced specialist. And we hope you will find a great brow stylist soon. But we are always ready to answer all your brow questions and provide you with the right products. You can also drop by. In the Van Woustraat, where we will have our office. In this way Mrs. Highbrow physically continues to exist.

x Ska

Owner & Founder

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