Female empowering art by Iris Bavelaar

Iris bavelaar art mrs highbrow

 Women empowerment is an important topic at Mrs. Highbrow and seeing Iris Bavelaar her work made our woman heart beat faster. Just as we take our henna brushes to create the most beautiful brow art, Iris takes her paint brushes to capture woman in minimalistic and organic art.

Iris translates her contemplative and romantic vision of the world and shows her natural eye for aesthetic in her paintings. She is a master in combining organic shapes and minimalistic lettering. In her work, Iris emancipates feminine and masculine nature in a very impressive way.

The series of paintings “The single” shows the feminine nudity in solitude. Iris explains that in heterosexual perspective women are perceived as sexual objects meant to pleasure the male. In “The Single” Iris paints with the use of abstract shapes a woman embracing a moment of intimacy and connecting with her femininity “beyond the presence of a gaze”. “I wanted to capture the woman, in a state of absolute personal pleasure” - she says.

Iris her art has a very strong, female empowering tone. She describes herself as not very vocal and points out that her art is in a way a contribution to women empowerment. With an interview with @crispsheets when asked what is the best thing about being a woman she says that it's everything. However, she does points out that it's easy to say it from her perspective as a woman who grew up in a country where she has the right to do whatever she wants and make a living out of her passion.

Not only would Iris her work be beautiful in every salon, she inspires us every time we pick up our henna brushes. Brows have an emancipating effect and emphasize strong femininity. To see more of Iris her work, visit www.byirisb.nl and her Instagram @byirisbavelaar.