11x hotspots around Van Woustraat

van Woustraat - Mrs Highbrow - Amsterdam


Are you having soon a course day at Mrs. Highbrow in the Van Woustraat? Then we are really looking forward to welcoming you to our salon. To make it as pleasant as possible for your models while waiting, we have listed the best hotspots in the vicinity of our location. Discover the 12 hotspots around the Van Woustraat.


van Woustraat - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

1. Bulls & Dogs

Hot dogs in many different flavors, served on a German pretzel bun. And true milkshakes, as you always hope to get them. With stroopwafel, marshmallows, brownie or a piece of apple pie on top to finish the creation. Yes, at Bulls & Dogs you can absolutely spoil yourself.

Bulls and Dogs [Van Woustraat 58]

van Woustraat - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

2. Scandinavian Embassy

For a good coffee, Scandinavian Embassy is the hotspot to visit. The inside of the tent has been given a Scandinavian look, which is also reflected in the lunch dishes on the menu. And the coffee range is great, but more importantly: fresh!

Scandinavian Embassy [Sarphatipark 34]

sir Hummus - Van Woustraat - Mrs Highbrow

3. Sir Hummus

Love hummus? Then this is the hotspot to visit before you get your eyebrows taken care of. Sir Hummus brings the real hummus experience to Amsterdam. Which cannot be compared with the products that you can find on the shelves of the supermarket today.

Sir Hummus [Van der Helstplein 2]

Ace & Tate - Van Woustraat - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

4. Ace & Tate

The popular eyewear brand Ace & Tate has a branch on the Van Wou, where you can view and try on the latest frames. But even if you are looking for a nice pair of sunglasses, you can stroll around here. That is guaranteed to be a difficult choice!

Ace and Tate [Van Woustraat 67]

5. CT Coffee & Coconuts

You come home at CT Coffee & Coconuts. This used to be the location of the Ceintuur Theater, but nowadays it is the place for a cup of coffee, tea or a nice lunch. They also have fresh juices and their own beer. And as the name suggests; coconut milk from a coconut.

CT Coffee & Coconuts [Ceintuurbaan 282-284]

Juice Brothers - Amsterdam - Van Woustraat - Amsterdam

6. Juice Brothers

For a healthy vibe, Juice Brothers is the ideal place to visit. Here they have the tastiest healthy juices and snacks. All made from organic fruits and vegetables. Just to name a few popular products from the range: the green routine juice and banana choco oat bar.

Juice Brothers [Van Woustraat 151]

Mimi Et Toi - Van Woustraat - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

7. Mimi Et Toi

Less than a two-minute walk from our salon, you will find the jewelry brand Mimi et Toi. Where all jewelry is designed by the founder Mimi. Her timeless collections include rings, necklaces and earrings with a minimalist, but chic design.

Mimi et Toi [Ceintuurbaan 440]

SLA - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

8. SLA

You will find the tastiest salads on the Ceintuurbaan at SLA. Compose your own salad and take a seat at one of the tables in the tent, which has a nice, tropical atmosphere. Is the sun shining? Then enjoy your salad on the terrace. And if you prefer to keep walking, you can also choose to take it with you.

SLA [Ceintuurbaan 149]

the avocado show - van Woustraat - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

9. The Avocado Show

A mecca where really everything is made or served with avocado. From "the bun burger" and "the green veggie machine" to "avocado fries" and the tastiest stack of pancakes with avocado. So if you are a fan of this green plant. Or if you are very curious about the above dishes: it is worth a visit.

The Avocado Show [Daniël Stalpertstraat 61]

Hutspot - Amsterdam - Mrs Highbrow

10. Hutspot

A concept store with a range of fashion, lifestyle and interior, located around the famous Albert Cuyp market. The goal of the store is to give new brands a platform, so even if you have a lot of knowledge about fashion you can always discover something new here.

Hutspot [Van Woustraat 4]

Thrift Shop - Mrs Highbrow - Amsterdam

11. Thrift Shop

If you want to continue shopping, the Thrift Shop is the next address. This hotspot is also located on the Albert Cuyp and has a very nice collection of vintage clothing items. Namely those used pieces that you normally have to search for hours. From fine vintage bags to beautiful dresses and sweaters.

Thrift Shop [Albert Cuypstraat 187]