Bronsun Eyebrow Tint Kit
Bronsun Eyebrow Tint Kit
Bronsun Eyebrow Tint Kit
Bronsun Eyebrow Tint Kit
Bronsun Eyebrow Tint Kit

Bronsun Eyebrow Tint Kit

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Bronsun is the first extra long-lasting gel dye with henna effect. Evenly dyes the skin and hairs, providing a rich and bright shade. This mini kit contains dye, developer, measuring cup, microbrush and an instruction leaflet. 

  • For 12-15 treatments 
  • Henna Brow effect up to 7 days
  • Brow dye 7ml
  • Milk cream developer 7ml

The Benefits

  • Highly pigmented. Dyes the hair and the skin.
  • Henna tattoo effect up to 7 days
  • Colors the hair for 4-5 weeks
  • In a handy tube. No more messing around
  • Fine gel texture
  • Does not contain ammonia

How To Use

1. Clean the eyebrows with an oil-free makeup remover. For example Dyotics Skin Prep Lotion or Revitalash Micellar Water.
2. Mix the dye and developer in a ratio of 1:1 until homogeneous consistency. We recommend using 0.5 cm of dye and an equal proportion of oxidant.
3. Using an angled brush or the tiny Dyotics henna brush, quickly and evenly apply a thin layer of the prepared mixture to the eyebrows, strictly to the desired shape. Carefully tint the skin by raising the eyebrow hairs. Watch out for the clarity of the lines. 
4. The exposure time for eyebrows is 15-20 minutes and it depends on the desired result: the more intense shade and tinting effect you want, the more time you need. Remove the onset after 5-7 minutes, for a beautiful ombré effect.
5. As the exposure time is over, remove the dye from the eyebrows with a damp cotton pad. The result of tinting depends on the type of skin, color type, individual organism characteristics.
6. If you accidentally tinted the skin, apply a small amount of Dyotics Tint Remover to a cotton swab and gently wipe this area. Repeat if needed.